The Top 15 Non-Storylines of the College Basketball Season

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At the start of the college basketball season, fans are looking for their team’s story — a compelling narrative that will define their school’s season. In the coming months there will be plenty of talk about conference records, coaching decisions, and off-the-court controversies. But, in the interest of balance, I’ve gathered the storylines guaranteed to not define any ranked team’s season. Except Vanderbilt. Theirs is destiny.

North Carolina: Its rivalry with Tulsa has heated up after the Tar Heels stole the Golden Hurricanes’ athletic director Bubba Cunningham.

Kentucky: Walk-on Sam Malone hopes to garner playing time in order to become tired of Cheers-related puns in newspaper headlines.

Ohio State: Buckeyes will miss John Diebler’s jump shooting, singing.

UConn: Jim Calhoun hopes to force an even more inspirational player to give up a scholarship.

Duke: The Blue Devils are seeking to finally avenge former North Carolina coach Matt Doherty calling their cheerleaders “The ugliest in the ACC.”

Vanderbilt: Even Vandy’s players think this ranking is ridiculously high and want it to be clear that they plan on getting a four-seed and losing in the first round as per usual.

Baylor: The school finally admits, “Yeah, I guess it’s a little weird that the guy who tried to take down Bill Clinton is our president.”

Kansas: Kansas players have mixed reaction to receiving dozens of fruit baskets from Marcus, the lonelier Morris twin.

Xavier: Someone points out that the Musketeers’ logo has a sword instead of a musket.  The problem is resolved by permanently switching to the Blue Blob.

Arizona: Kyryl Natyazhko figures there’s no harm in having a little cake now and then.

Alabama: Head coach Anthony Grant vows to achieve an almost Virginia Commonwealth-esque level of success.

Marquette: Wesley Matthews leaves increasingly more desperate messages asking why nobody’s doing three-point goggles anymore.

Gonzaga: Director of Basketball Operations Jerry Krause (decidedly not this one) cannily sets up a showdown with Longwood at the end of the season, sure to bring national attention to the program.

California: They may be ranked no. 24 in basketball-playing now, but they’re no. 1 in holiday spirit.

Missouri: What do you want me to say? Don Draper went there.

This post has been updated to correct an error in the Gonzaga entry
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