Machines Need Fuel, So Give Marshawn His Doughnuts

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Marshawn Lynch

You didn’t think his day of ass-kicking in Seattle could get any better, but then you saw this picture of Marshawn Lynch on Saturday morning before the Saints game.

As UW hoops writer Marshall Cherrington tweeted Saturday: “Marshawn Lynch this morning at Top Pot Donuts. I guess you could say #PissedOffForGreatness?”


This is why the Internet’s worth it. Because we find out about stuff like this. The Lamborghini, the pregame doughnuts, the sweatshirt … Listen, that sweatshirt. It would be obnoxious on 99.9 percent of humans. But on Marshawn Lynch? It’d be weirder if he weren’t walking around in a shirt telling the entire world to go fuck themselves.

So go make it rain Skittles, make it rain doughnuts, make it rain earthquakes. Whatever.

Beast Mode until the end of time.

(h/t to Pat for the tweet, BR for the GIF)

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