LOL Knicks

Down by one late in the fourth quarter, the Bucks drew up this fantastic play to get a wide-open 3 for Brandon Knight. The Knicks had no chance of stopping it.

Here are the reactions by two of Grantland’s resident Knicks fans upon being shown this GIF:

Jared Dubin: Probably a better job of playing defense than Raymond Felton would have done on the same possession.

netw3rk: If you stare at this GIF long enough, it starts to resemble one of those brainteaser illusions where there are two pictures of shapes and you have to say whether one picture has more shapes, fewer, or an equal number of shapes. Maybe my favorite part of the whole thing is J.R. Smith. Just kind of going for a stroll through the paint for no reason. It’s a switch where he’s switching off of nobody onto nobody.

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