Keep Your Air Conditioning In … and Haloti Ngata and Ryan Kerrigan Out

Every once in a while, professional athletes will star in some ridiculously embarrassing YouTube video that is simultaneously awesome and terrible. Sometimes these videos will be basketball players singing “Jingle Bells,” and sometimes they’ll be basketball players doing the Harlem Shake. Other times, these videos will feature NFL players … starring in an advertisement for a local business.

Words don’t do the videos justice, so just click “play” above and revel in Haloti Ngata screaming and dancing. And when you’ve hit a double-digit play count, go ahead and pivot to this similarly spectacular video of a dancing Ryan Kerrigan.

Thompson Creek Window Company, you are not just economical, green, and efficient. You are a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day.


[h/t Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.]

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