Jonah Keri Podcast: Jon Heyman and Dave Dameshek

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images Pirates

Raise the Jolly Roger, it’s Pirates day on the Jonah Keri Podcast. First, Jon Heyman of and MLB Network talks about developing sources, awards voting, the evolution of sabermetrics in baseball writing, and working the beat. We then break down the amazing happenings in Pittsburgh, plus the off-charts-performance of Miguel Cabrera, and the Waffle House–powered Braves.

Then, friend of the show Dave Dameshek of fame drops by to talk about his beloved Buccos. What’s it like having his favorite team winning after two decades of failure? Who are his go-to guys on the current Pirates team? And the big question: Would he rather follow a contending team for the next few years, or suffer through a few more decades of misery in exchange for one World Series? All that plus a sneak peek at a future Dameshek-Keri joint: The All-Time Baseball Movie Starting Nine.

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