Grantland Network Podcast: Jalen Rose

So I get a call from an unfamiliar area code. “Hey, it’s Jalen,” says the caller. “I wanted to talk to you about doing a podcast.” Next thing you know, Jalen Rose is in the Grantland studio at L.A. Live, telling me what it is like playing for Larry Bird, how he slowed down Michael Jordan and that he has been benched on every team that he played for. It was shocking how much Jalen Rose knows NBA basketball, and how willing he was air it all out. I felt like my sole purpose for being across the table from him was to keep him from saying something that would get us both fired. It was not easy.

There are still some kinks to work out, but the foundation of chemistry, drastically different viewpoints and unforced enjoyment is already in place. Check back into the Grantland Network for more Jalen and other new projects as we continue to expand the roster.

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