Grantland Flashback: 10 Years Later, the Malice at the Palace Revisited

Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty

“I think a lot of us made a lot of selfish decisions that day. I made a selfish decision to stop trying to break it up and to confront Lindsey Hunter and Richard Hamilton. That was my selfish decision. Ron made a selfish decision by going into the stands. We all made selfish decisions, but at the same time, we were protecting each other. It’s kind of hard to see if that’s right or wrong.” —Stephen Jackson

Ten years ago today, a game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills descended into madness. In 2012, Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams delivered the definitive oral history of that night and how it rocked the NBA for years to come. Revisit it now.

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