Don Draper Says M-I-Z

Z-O-U indeed, Jon Hamm! YOUR MY Missouri Tigers, a 2-seed, are scheduled to tip off against 15-seeded Norfolk State at 4:40 p.m. Eastern on Friday. MISSOURI WALTZ ON REPEAT STARTING NOW.

I, for one, will be watching, and singing “Eye of the Tiger” with Robert Mays at halftime, and probably dancing like a Peanuts character in front of my horrified coworkers if Marcus Denmon & Co. obliterate the Norfolk State Whatevers today.

Don’t laugh, man. I learned all my moves from this bright young thing:

Grantland has had a few pieces on Mizzou’s path to NCAA glory this season. Mays visited Allen Fieldhouse for the final Missouri-Kansas game, and Shane Ryan took a look at Mizzou’s big win over KU in Columbia. You’ll find links to both stories below.

Kansas vs. Missouri: The End of the Border War (Robert Mays, February 29)

Kansas-Mizzou: One Way to Win, One Way to Lose (Shane Ryan, February 6)

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