B.S. Report: Michael Lombardi and JackO

My pick for Thursday night’s Browns-Steelers game (Pittsburgh’s favored by 14): Steelers 34, Browns 10 … and everyone ignoring the game as the NBA implodes with a barrage of crazy signings and trades.

We took a break from my “12 Days of NBA Christmas” series to talk a little football and baseball on a two-part BS Report. Trust me, it was for the best — every time I closed my eyes, I was seeing a blurry vision of ESPN.com’s Trade Machine. I needed to recharge my batteries and bang out a mega-pod.

In Part 1: The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi joined us to discuss the NFL playoff picture, Green Bay’s 16-0 bid, the nutty wild-card picture (for both conferences), our mutual affection for the half-decency of T.J. Yates, why we’re probably headed for a Super Bowl rematch, and … wait, there was one more thing … I can’t remember … I think it was … well, wait … was it … oh, yeah … TEEEEEEEEEEEEBOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! You can listen to Part 1 on ESPN.com’s PodCenter or iTunes.

In Part 2: My buddy JackO made a long overdue appearance to discuss Anaheim’s stunning signing of Albert Pujols, his Yankees and their curious apathy toward adding any free agents this winter, my Red Sox and all the bizarre shenanigans these past three months, the Bobby Valentine era, and, of course, how the Angels just locked up the next few World Series titles. (Congratulations, Angels fans — just start planning the 2012, 2013 and 2014 parades now. There’s no way you guys can lose.) You can listen to Part 2 on ESPN.com’s PodCenter or iTunes.

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