The Right Reasons Podcast and Video: With Special Guest Frank Sweeney of The Challenge

After 24 seasons of The Challenge, there are a certain number of questions that I have about every season. How much time do you get from “the call” until the show starts? Does the cast really not know what the premise will be before TJ tells them? How easy is it to have sex off-camera? What about drugs? This week, infamous alcopsychoholic and current cast member Frank Sweeney came to the Grantland studio. Frank, as you might expect, did not hold back at all. It turns out that he hates CT just as much as that fight on Wednesday might suggest. He also talks about his previous explosive fights, what we don’t get to see, his experimentation with huffing in Thailand, the extreme sweatiness of this season, and much, much more. If you care at all about The Challenge, give this one a listen.

Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter.
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