The Hollywood Prospectus Podcast Binge-Watch Guide

If you are reading this website, or are at all familiar with Andy’s TV criticism or our podcast, you’re probably watching a lot of TV. But are you watching the right TV? Behold, the Hollywood Prospectus Binge-Watch Guide. Below are a few videos highlighting a couple of shows that we think would be perfect for some late-summer overindulgence. Some are old (Homicide: Life on the Street), some are more recent (Jane Campion’s masterful Top of the Lake), some are spooky (Les Revenantsa.k.a. The Returned; Black Mirror … man, we like spooky, apparently), and some are quirky (Terriers). The idea here is to motivate you to check out some shows that you might have missed while you were too busy standing guard on the Wall, watching the carousel, or getting tangled up in blue.

Check out the videos below. Top of the Lake, Terriers, and The Returned are all available on Netflix. While Black Mirror and Homicide are a little harder to find, they are well worth the effort. Enjoy.

Top of the Lake

The Returned


Homicide: Life on the Street

Black Mirror

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