The Five Most Intentionally Enraging Fake Community Showrunner Tweets

It’s only been days since the Internet was rocked by the news that showrunner Dan Harmon would not return to Community, the sitcom he created, for its truncated fourth season (his departure having been ordered for reasons the show’s stars must not disclose). And given that Twitter is the platform to which so many Community fans have taken to go through the stages of grief together, it’s no surprise someone among them has found a sixth (#sixstagesandamovie?) to help cope with the pain. To wit: @guarascioport. The parody feed purports to come from David Guarascio and Moses Port, the new Community showrunners (most recently of Happy Endings), the premise being that these two men haven’t the slightest clue about the show they’ve inherited. Here’s a look at some of the account’s most inflammatory tweets.

Just signed off on an order to buy 2 more cameras… #season4

The idea of Community going multicam (in the manner of Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, or Guarascio and Port’s own Just Shoot Me) would drastically change the show by limiting its capacity to stage its more outlandish premises. Also, in 2012, “multi-cam” means “lame.”

Former SNL producer Jean Doumanian is coming in to help us break story!

Jean Doumanian was the Guarascio/Port of her day, presiding over SNL during a poorly received period when the show was out of the control of its creator, Lorne Michaels. (Evidence of her tin ear for sketch comedy is summed up by her sidelining Eddie Murphy in favor of Charles Rocket.)

The new Friday timeslot was our idea. Thursday night is a notoriously-tough time to get people to watch TV, always has been.

It’s pretty unlikely that Community will pick up any new fans when it moves to its Friday-night berth, given that … you know, people tend to go out and do things then, rather than stay in and watch TV. As though firing Harmon wasn’t a cruel enough development for fans to accept, the time-slot shuffle is an extra fuck-you, dooming Community to probable cancellation.

Who is Louis C.K.?

Now you’re getting silly, Fake Guarascio and Port! But then, maybe they just have a different frame of reference for what makes a good standup …

Hey @Dat_Phan Interested in being our audience warm-up guy for Community this year?

Dat Phan, first-ever winner of Last Comic Standing, is comedy-nerd shorthand for a crowd-pleasing hack. But the satirist(s) behind @guarascioport probably didn’t realize exactly how crowd-pleasing he actually is:

@guarascioport Hi Can you please call Vicki Baumann my Manager at (818)[redacted] Thank You. #DatPhan


(And someone should probably tell him Community doesn’t have a studio audience to warm up. Unless that order for those extra cameras actually goes through.)

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