The Empire Strikes Back Makes a Surprisingly Good Telenovela

StormtroopersThe (original) Star Wars trilogy has been fairly described as a space opera, what with the shocking reveals of various characters’ parentage, sudden reversals of romantic fortune, and surprise dismemberments. So when you think about it, there’s not such a long way to go from the source material to this fan-made reimagining of The Empire Strikes Back in the style of a Spanish telenovela (via io9):

Sure, this version gets to the fact of Luke and Leia’s true relationship a little more quickly than George Lucas did, but maybe if that had come out sooner, it would have shortened the time we all had to wait for Han and Leia to get together, as they were obviously meant to do all along, cutting virtual eunuch Luke out of the picture to no one’s dismay. I guess my only quibble with this version is making C-3PO a “Robot de Sexo.” I’m pretty sure his potential clients would find that his prissy gold ass makes a worse partner than the warm, generous, and resourceful R2-D2.

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