The Andy Greenwald Podcast: Masters of Sex Showrunner Michelle Ashford

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Showtime’s Masters of Sex ended its terrific first season on a high last night, even while it brought its main character very, very low. To celebrate, David Jacoby joined me to discuss how we lost our respective virginities to the charms of Masters and Johnson — and why we’ll be back next season for more. Then Masters showrunner Michelle Ashford called in for a fascinating chat about her own long and windy career and how it prepared her for the surprisingly challenging work of making history feel fresh. We also covered issues of likability, which actors will and won’t be back next year, and the intricacies of pacing a story that — in real life — spanned decades. Consenting adults only, please.

(Find the pod below, and if you’d like to hear more about Masters, check out my preseason podcast with star Lizzy Caplan right here.)

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