Swizz Beatz and A$AP Rocky Bring a Very Special Guest Baller (Literally) to ‘Street Knock’

The new video for the Swizz Beatz/A$AP Rocky/AraabMUZIK track “Street Knock” is fun but predictable. No disrespect or anything, but pretty much everything I figured would take place came true (nine out of my 10, to be exact).

  1. Swizz Beats will most likely be wearing a Keith Haring hat: Yes
  2. Drag-On will make a cameo: Yes
  3. Swizz will do that thing where he drops the beat and yells “Goddammit” three or more times: Final tally = 5
  4. Swizz will always wear shades because he might not have eyes: Obviously
  5. Since Swizz is a creative director for Reebok, this video will undoubtedly be a shameless Reebok advertisement: 7 Reebok hats counted, plus jackets, shirts, and Reebok lyrics. So yes.
  6. A$AP will show his allegiance to Adidas through his clothing, but will still claim to wear Reeboks, because he doesn’t care about anything except being pretty: Yes (wearing multiple Adidas shirts) and yes (“Reebok red-bottoms straight from Swizzy on my feet”)
  7. Both rappers will mention Givenchy and pronounce it borderline correctly: Yes
  8. Swizz will talk about art and cockily utter a line about how he has procured all of the important pieces: In response to Keith Harings, Picassos, and Rembrandts: “Bitch, I got all that” — Swizz
  9. Swizz’s car will either drive by a Lane Bryant or a Bed Bath and Beyond: BOTH.
  10. Allen Iverson will not be in this video, even though this is a glorified Reebok commercial. Yes, it would be genius if Swizz got AI, but he wouldn’t DARE dig up the artist formerly known as “The Answer” while wearing a pair of Questions around his neck. No. He wouldn’t. Oh, and he wouldn’t give Allen a basketball and let him do killer crossovers while this is all happening. No. Not a chance: SO WRONG. SO HAPPY THAT I’M SO WRONG.

For about 30 seconds in the second half of Swizz’s opening verse, we are blessed with brief clips of AI doing what he does best: looking awesome. He’s wearing his classic red-and-white Questions and donning a Reebok headband, while alternating between And1 crossovers, pensive glares into the camera, and undoubtedly holding back the urge to deliver 40 bars as Jewelz.

While it’s truly marvelous to see Iverson back in front of the camera, it’s also genius on the part of Swizz/Reebok to include him in this project. This is now year two of Reebok trying to convince the public that the brand is back to being cool, but up until this point not even a Swizz/Rick Ross/Meek Mill collaboration has been able to prove to me that they aren’t wearing Jordans when the cameras turn off.

Using Iverson (and a Jadakiss cameo) almost seems like an acknowledgement (or an admission) that the brand really hasn’t been relevant since it was all about Trackmasters AI and Jadakiss. Make sure you go out and get a pair of the A6. Part 2, AI and Jadakiss presenting the A6. It’s all fundamental and basics.

Yes, it’s strange seeing Allen in this elder-statesman role (especially since he still looks 27), but exciting to know that he’s in America, that he’s still got handles, that he’s probably had a conversation with A$AP Rocky, and, most important, that he was given a chance (albeit short) to shine.

We’ve all seen too much Tyronn Lue behind the Celtics bench this year. We needed this.

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