Some Friendly Advice for the Newly Freed Ja Rule

Where is Ja?


According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Jeffrey Atkins, a.k.a. Ja Rule, left a correctional facility in the Adirondacks today. After finishing most of a sentence stemming from a gun-possession conviction in February, he immediately landed back in prison, this time for evading taxes from 2004 to 2006. Ja still has time to serve on the latter sentence, but it seems as if it will be handled with home confinement.

This is great news for Ruliebers, because we’ve missed our leader. And while it’s a bit early to start mapping out his monstrous fourth-quarter 2013 comeback, my only advice is that once Ja gets back on his feet, and is ready to plan out a set list for that first show, he consider skipping over a few selections.

  • “World’s Most Dangerous”
  • “Kill ‘Em All”
  • “It’s Murda”
  • “187 Murda Baptiss Church (Skit)”
  • “Murda 4 Life”
  • “The Murderers”
  • “Die”
  • “Pop N—-s”
  • “Clap Back”
  • “Gun Talk”

Just trust me on this one, Ja. It’ll make the whole transition back to freedom much smoother if you don’t transition “Kill ‘Em All” into “Die.” I promise.

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