Reality TV Podcast: Real World: Portland, Real Housewives, and More

The Real World: PortlandMTV’s Real World franchise is still holding strong after 21 years. Last weekend, the network reminded us of how captivating its early seasons were with the #MTVretro marathon, allowing us to remember that Puck was a terrible roommate and Julie was a babe. But this was all just an amuse-bouche for the new season, Real World: Portland. Jacoby and I did a deep dive with our new roommates’ bios, speculated on coming drama, and objected to the presence of Daisy, the canine roommate, in the opening credits. With so much MTV material to cover we barely had time for anything else, but we did manage to survey the Real Housewives reunion carnage and offer our Weird Watches of the Week. Give it a listen!

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