Reality TV Podcast: An Interview With Malcolm From Survivor, Real World: Portland, and The Bachelorette

Malcolm and PhillipWay back in the fall, Rembert Browne mentioned to us that he knew someone who would be appearing on Survivor: Philippines. This proximate two degrees of separation from a Survivor contestant was immediately exciting, but then the someone turned out to be Malcolm Freberg — one of the most charismatic castaways ever, who convinced an ally to hand him an immunity idol at tribal council. Malcolm (and his hair) came by the Grantland studio last week to discuss his bold moves from this past season, how Jeff Probst got him to agree to a second season, and what special agent Phillip Sheppard is really like.

For those of you uninterested in the charms of a long-haired bartender, Jacoby and I also addressed this week’s Real World and the aftermath of Jordan and Nia’s fight; Eva Longoria’s latest relationship; and our relative excitement over the coming season of The Bachelorette. Watch the clip with Malcolm below, and give the whole podcast a listen on the Podcenter, via iTunes, or on our podcasts page.

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