Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 7: ‘Crazy’

Previous Episode Recap, in 140 Characters:

Hanna is at home, doing her girly Hanna thing, and then — knock knock — it’s her best friend, the Detective. He’s just in the neighborhood to let her know that they need a blood sample. There’s new evidence and the blood on the anklet matches her blood type. You know, O NEGATIVE. Also, multiple witnesses saw Hanna leaving that hospital room where she switched the notes. Hanna denies everything, but she knows she’s screwed. Good grief is the Detective good. He might actually get her one of these seasons.

Next, a new character enters the mix. Her name is CeCe and she catches the Liars’ attention because she sounds just like Ali. They talk to her and find out that she was old friends with Ali. CeCe has had heard of all of them, but they know nothing about her. It’s freaking them out how much she reminds them of Ali, from the “hip out” to the “head tilt.”

After this little run-in, we learn that Aria’s teacher mom is about to go on a date. The online profile apparently worked out. Good for her. I like seeing her happy, now that she’s done forging tests and whatnot. After we see Aria and her mom chat at the school, we see Toby creep up on Spencer outside of the school. Is he still mad about the whole “We lied to you to make you go to a church party just to occupy your time for a few hours” move? Yes. Mad, but more confused. He wants answers. After they talk for a while and discuss the trial and Spencer starts playing the blame game, Toby rebuts her, causing Spencer to get defensive. She questions his motives and Toby reminds Spencer of a little something:

Toby: “There was a time you thought I murdered Alison.”

Fact. This is true. Very true. I seen it.

Spencer leaves. Toby’s still bummed. What’s next?


He shows up to Emily’s job and presents her with a candle. But it’s not for Emily. It’s for Jenna. Because he’s GOING ON A DATE WITH JENNA. I know she’s a snitch and all, but I very much respect her for going from blind to colorblind in just two episodes. Anyway, Nate keeps asking for advice on what else to get her, and Emily’s obviously uncomfortable. Nate’s all “y’all are friends,” and Emily’s all “who said we’re friends?” and Nate’s all “Jenna said y’all are friends.” Yeah. Something’s up. Please don’t kill Nate, Jenna.

Hanna and Aria walk into Hanna’s house and then BOOM, THERE’S A OUIJA BOARD ON THE TABLE. RUN.

But they didn’t run. Hanna touched it.

And then she started bleeding. Because of course she did.

And then Aria turned it over.

Uh-oh. It was really easy. Aria’s confused about what all of this means, but Hanna seems to know.


It’s Hanna and Mona. Apparently Hanna buried the board, because in the flashback she and Mona were playing with it and some stuff happened. You know, the type of stuff where the evil game starts spelling out words after you ask it “Do you know what happened to Alison DiLaurentis.” You know, stuff like:


And then after it spells it out, Hanna sees this in the window:


Yep. Creeped out. Very much creeped out.

After this, we get a few CeCe-related scenes. First Spencer and Jason talk about her, in which he notes that things didn’t end well when they dated way back when. And then after this, we see her advising Nate on what to buy for Jenna. And when he walks away, she starts getting very nosy about Nate and Emily’s relationship. And then, to make matters more confusing (for Emily), Nate finally busts out this line:

Nate: “I wouldn’t even be buying her this gift if the hottest girl in Rosewood was available. Or interested in guys.”

Emily looked at him. She didn’t smile, but she didn’t frown. Wait, is this about to happen?

Enough with the children. Aria’s mom walks into the coffee shop for her first Internet date. While she’s waiting, however, she flirts with the barista. After that’s over, the man walks in:


It’s Ted, a.k.a. GOOBER. You know, the pastor that just got done Internet dating Hanna’s mom. Wow, this man gets around. Also, this is bound to get messy.

Aria heads to the mental institution to talk to Mona, who is suddenly permitted to have visitors. They sit down and Mona asks Aria if she wants to play a game. Aria’s creeped out. So am I.

Meanwhile, Emily has a sit-down with Nate. In an effort to get him to stop seeing her (because she knows Jenna’s bad), she tells him that Jenna dated Garrett. This plan backfires, however, because he takes it to assume Jenna could have been his next victim, not Jenna is probably a bad girl. Emily’s bummed. Wow, she really likes this Nate guy, doesn’t she?

Back at the institution, Aria is watching Mona make a house of cards, and then when the supervisor walks away to get Mona her medicine, Mona goes:

“You have about 25 seconds to tell me why you’re here.”

Aria tells her about the Ouija board, and all the other stuff that was buried that is resurfacing. As the supervisor takes her away, Mona replies with:

“Tell Hanna I’m sorry.”

Aria leaves and Hanna’s outside. Hanna’s not leaving until the go back in and get answers, so she’s about to break in. Aria won’t let her go in by herself, even though Hanna wants to. Then Aria says:

“Friends don’t let friends sneak inside of insane asylums alone.”

So they go in together.

Next, we see Emily with CeCe. They’re just chatting, and CeCe suggests that they trade numbers. So she grabs Emily’s phone to put her number in, and:

Uh-oh. Why’s she looking for Jenna’s number?

Oh, because she’s calling Jenna. Emily freaks out, because (even though it’s CeCe’s phone and not hers), Jenna answers and CeCe goes:

“Hi, is this Jenna? The better question is who are you and why are you going out with my boyfriend … “

Oh, and then:

“If I ever see you anywhere near Nate, I’ll scratch your eyes out.”

This is too good. This girl is ruthless. Doesn’t give a singular care about anything. She’s definitely evil.

Aria’s mom is back to talking to the young, scruffy barista, presumably after her date with the preacher didn’t really work out. Oh, and they’re into each other. Poor Goober, no one’s trying to holler.

In the asylum, we see Mona vs. Hanna and Aria. Mona keeps hinting at a story about “him” that Aria has no clue about. Aria’s confusion grows, and then Hanna tells her how she and Mona played a prank on Ali’s mother by calling her and saying that she was alive. Three days later they found her body. And then after that happened, Ali’s dad tracked her down and yelled at her.

After the flashback, they look down, and Mona’s gone. (Word to the Liars: Try not to close your eyes and look up at the ceiling mid-flashback. Especially if you’re in an insane asylum.)

Spencer is out driving when a car races past her and then crashes. It’s Jason. He’s drunk. Spencer freaks, tries to talk to him, and then moves him over to the passenger seat and drives away, saying, “This never happened.” But she left her car. Hmmm. This will most likely turn out horribly.

Back to the institution: Hanna and Aria are still sneaking around. They see a door open and then Hanna spots her tweezers on the ground. They walk into the room.

Then we go back to Spencer’s house where she walks in to find Toby. She tells him that she needs a ride to her car, he’s obviously confused, and then the police show up. Oh, and by “police,” I mean a cop and the DETECTIVE (he doesn’t sleep). They say they found her car by the scene of an accident and Toby makes up a lie on the spot saying that they’ve been here all night and that Spencer needs to stop leaving her car unlocked. They leave, but obviously the detective doesn’t believe it. Toby then freaks out because lying to the police is a felony (and now he’s in with the Liars) and Spencer makes him promise that he won’t tell what happened.

But he never promises. Thatta boy, Toby.

Back to the asylum sneakies. Good lord is this scene creepy. Someone’s humming or singing, and they’re actually following those terrifying sounds. Wow.

It’s Mona. They find her, brushing the hair of a doll, saying:

“Ms. Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife.”

Mona’s so creepy.

She says some stuff about Garrett and Mona, and then one last creepy thing:

“Know when to save Ali from evil.”

After this, Hanna and Aria go home. Aria calls her mom, mom lets her know that she’s still out, and then Aria ends the conversation and hangs up. Hanna inquires:

Hanna:: “What’s up with your mom?”
Aria: “She’s a slut. Let’s just go to sleep.”

So real.

Afterward, Emily is walking outside and sees Nate at a dinner spot, waiting on Jenna. Poor guy. He can’t find anyone who loves him in this small town.


The four liars meet up and try to figure out what Mona was talking about. Hanna tells them it’s a code, where the first letter of each word means something. By figuring out each of the sayings, it leads them to a website. Whose website?

Maya’s website. But there’s a password? WHAT IS THE PASSWORD? They don’t know.

In the final scene, we see our hooded, probably-“A” back in the asylum. What are they doing? Why are they interested in these dolls?

Oh snap. There was a recorder planted in the doll. And it picked up all of the conversations. Wow, the girls are screwed. Just wow.


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