Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Prometheus, and More

The Hollywood Prospectus Podcast returns a day late, but never a dollar short, ready to tackle all the pressing questions from this past weekend’s explosive night of television. Such as: Could dudes really chop other dudes entirely in half like on Game of Thrones (1:45)? And does the fact that the show is an adaptation make critical interpretations more challenging? Regardless, I think Chris Ryan and I both agreed that one should never accompany a scarred, drunk killing machine on a long horse ride to the North, no matter if you’re both scared of fire. Then we debated the cost of Joan’s big night out on Mad Men (20:20). Will we ever look at Pete “Pimp C” Campbell the same way again? From there, we digressed into a variety of topics, from the challenges of keeping up with shows good (Awake) and bad (The Killing) (36:30) to the latest video from Kanye and Jay-Z (41:45) and the return of the mighty Afghan Whigs (45:30). We finished with a look at the summer movie season thus far (50:25), how G.I. Joe 2 blinked, and Prometheus is going to bank. The Summer Book Club returns next week. Until then, remember to tell your girlfriend “happy birthday” before going into a separate room to listen to music with a bunch of bros. Chris will tell you from experience: It never works out the way you’d hoped.

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