Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Drinking Buddies and Breaking Bad

Drinking BuddiesAfter last week’s grunge match, Chris and I decided to mellow (gold) out a bit and take our conversation from the Discman to the cineplex. Or at least to the couch. Both of us were totally charmed and impressed by director Joe Swanberg’s Drinking Buddies, a mostly improvised sort-of comedy that’ll be in theaters soon (and is currently available on iTunes and VOD). We debated the merits of Jake Johnson’s beard, the until-now hidden talents of Olivia Wilde, and the way this film dared to break the modern rom-com’s inevitability machine.

From there we fired up the RV and piloted a course straight to hell with a brief stopover in Albuquerque. Yes, Breaking Bad returns for its final run of eight episodes this Sunday and we couldn’t be more excited. What makes this ending different from all other endings? And what makes this twisted morality tale different from TV’s burgeoning murder obsession? (This last part of the conversation was free of BB spoilers for those not yet caught up. In a related note for those not yet caught up: What’s wrong with you?!?!) When it comes to lightening up TV’s darkness, I have my ideas and Chris has his (more House M.D.!). But at least we can agree that Chris Cornell has no place in the solution.

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