Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Broken City, The Following, and A$AP Rocky

Broken CityThere were titanic football games, the Presidential Inauguration, and a much-needed federal holiday. So how did Chris Ryan spend his weekend? Being one of the few Barry Pepper diehards to brave the loneliness of the multiplex to see the DOA Broken City. This brazen act seemed so noteworthy that we had to address it immediately on the pod, lingering only briefly on the specifics of this story of bad behavior in the Rotten Apple before asking the big questions: How do movies like this get made? What happened to the other Hughes brother? And: Is Mark Wahlberg even a good actor? (Answer to that one: Yes.) From there, we eviscerated the new Fox show The Following and unpacked Long.Live.A$AP, the debut album from A$AP Rocky. Pop culture, like the Grim Reaper and the guy who maintains Maggie Grace’s IMDb page, never takes a day off.

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