Afternoon Links: Tim Burton and The Killers, Game of Thrones, and the Pinpocalypse

Tim Burton has directed his second Killers video, “Here With Me” (he also directed “Bones” in 2006). Bonus points for blonde Winona. My favorite part is (obviously) the final scene, in which Gloomy Black-Swaddled Hero and Winona become a pair of bald candle people (or bomb-heads, maybe). Taking inspiration from Mad Love for a Killers video kind of makes me wish that Mr. Brightside had been less Moulin Rouge!, more Un Chien Andalou. I demand more sea urchins and severed hands in my music videos immediately!

• A Lannister always pays his tab: I see no real reason why there isn’t a themed beer for every occasion, and Game of Thrones is as good a place as any to start. The four-beer series from HBO and Brewery Ommegang begins with the introduction of Iron Throne Blonde Ale for Season 3’s premiere at the end of March. I think this sounds much more promising than Tru Blood Beverage, the flavor of which Bon Appétit described as “orange soda/Fresca suicide.”

• HitFix’s First Annual Television Critics’ Poll compiles a list of the top 10 shows of 2012 and features our own Andy Greenwald. The usual suspects occupy the top 10 spots, but in the “additional votes” category there’s some very intriguing madness afoot (Bunheads is five spots ahead of Boardwalk Empire). Which of you is messing with us? Last place goes to DISH Earth — yeah, but just wait until sweeps. They’re really building toward something with that.

• Santa comes to the Taronga zoo in Sydney. I need to know where to buy a cricket dollhouse. For a friend.

• Pinterest prepares for the apocalypse, because God forbid you misplace your dehydrated eggs recipe or can’t Google “DIY wind turbine” fast enough when the flames start licking at your soul.

• Scorsese is directing and producing a Bill Clinton documentary for HBO. Unrelated (I think): Hillary Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion.

• In honor of Iowan Denise Stapley’s Survivor win (excellent game play, admirable island musculature), an item from Iowa’s KGAN 2: The oldest living person, Dina Manfredi, passed away at age 115 at a care center just north of Des Moines. We should all move there. It’s a lot closer than Icaria. And there’s nothing like the phrase “radioactive hot spots” to make you want to take a nice vacation to anywhere else in the world.

• No n00dz: Christopher Chaney, purveyor of nude pics of Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. That should give him a lot of time to think about what he’s done, but I guess that’s not as punishing as it would be in basically any other circumstance. Just thinkin’ on my n00dz. Nothing to see here.

• Two words. Frog goo. Scientists have extracted and then analyzed “the resulting milky frog goo and found a complex cocktail containing chunks of proteins called peptides.” Mmm, chunks of protein in my frog goo. Unfortunately, the beneficial properties are overridden by the fact that this goo may be a toxic goo, but scientists hope to replicate them synthetically. Mr. Frog, join Mr. Toad in the distinguished category of animals meant to be licked by humans.

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