Afternoon Links: Newscasters Ridicule Well-Meaning But Inarticulate Sex Idiot

Two Fox news anchors tried to interview Ryan Lochte. After he haltingly explained the layout of his bathroom and the anchors bid his beautiful face adieu, they busted a gut for a minute and a half, during which time my girl in red started crying with laughter and almost lost an eyelash. Totally recruiting her for the fourth Girl in Hoodie spot, though if Ryan’s available he can join us as a dood in a snood. The YouTube comments on this puppy are worth a quick browse if you’re seeking out light content today (WE ARE ALL SEEKING OUT LIGHT CONTENT TODAY): “Guy was probably hungover from puling an all-nighter from stuffing 10’s,” “If you’re an idiot at night, you’re an idiot in the morning,” “At least he’s handsome and won 11 gold medals ! What have you won Miss Thing ????”

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