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Story Time With Jalen Rose: Jalen Steals Patrick Ewing’s TV

The Grantland 2012-13 NBA Preview

The players, the stories, and the analysis you need in anticipation of the most exciting season in league history

LeBron James

It’s (almost) here. The NBA is back. To gear up, Grantland is exhaustively previewing the 2012-13 season.

NBA Shootaround Predictions
Grantland’s finest weigh in on what will happen in the NBA this year.

Who Is the Next JaVale McGee?
Genius. Weirdo. Social media phenomenon. The NBA will create another. But who?

The Harden Disaster
Not only did Oklahoma City destroy something beautiful, they just handed the Western Conference to the Lakers.

LeBron’s Quest for Immortality
With a title in hand, the next step for King James is to secure his legacy.

The Harden Dilemma
The Thunder claiming they are just a poor, small-market team that can’t afford James Harden doesn’t work in today’s NBA.

Serge Ibaka Is the Most Important Player in the NBA
But he has a lot of work to do if the Thunder are going to contend for the title.

Thunder Bolt
Examining Oklahoma City’s risky move and the beginning of the James Harden era in Houston.

Examining David Stern’s Legacy
Looking back as the Notorious D.J.S. prepares to hang it up.

A World Without Andrew
What the Sixers will do without Bynum.

26 Bold Predictions for the NBA Season
Foolproof, lock-stock, no-doubt prognostications sure to happen (until they don’t).

The Knicks Bigs Issue
Can Carmelo Anthony really play power forward? And should he?

Brooklyn’s Brook Lopez Problem
The Nets’ big man is the biggest reason New York’s new team isn’t a real contender.

Same Old Song and Dance
Why the NBA’s decision to eliminate pregame rituals won’t work.

A Whole New Ballgame
What is the next innovation in the NBA?

Sizing Up Small Ball
How the Celtics, Lakers, and the rest of the league are responding to their rivals.

The New Age of Flopping
Understanding the NBA’s rules change.

Your Guide to the NBA’s All-League Pass Teams
The most fun squads that actually have a chance to compete this season.

The NBA’s New Power
Determining the Association’s tiers of success — or lack thereof — after a wild offseason.

The Memphis Grind
A week inside Grizzlies HQ with coach Lionel Hollins.

The Miseducation of J.R. Smith
Is the Knicks’ erratic shooting guard misguided or just misunderstood?

Bernard James, Reporting for Duty
The Dallas Mavericks’ surprising 27-year-old draft pick has been in the trenches before.

Psychological Terror and Greivis Vasquez
You should be playing salary-cap fantasy basketball.

A preseason NBA two-for-one.

Person of Interest: Antawn Jamison
The Lakers’ sixth man has Hall of Fame numbers; will he get the recognition he deserves?

The New NBA Uniform Power Rankings
Cleveland won something!

Brooklyn Zoo
How the Nets took over BK in six easy steps.

The Doc’s Still In
Examining the career arc of Doc Rivers.

The Celtics Get Jet-Fueled
Inside the NBA preseason with Jason Terry and the Boston Celtics.

Big Shoulders
Derrick Rose, Benji Wilson, and the love of a city.

Enter Superman
We Went There: Dwight Howard’s Lakers debut.

We Went There: Sixers-Knicks in the Carrier Dome
Carmelo Anthony revisits his Syracuse stomping grounds.

The New X’s and O’s
Five signature plays of the five NBA title-contending teams.

B.S. Report: Zach Lowe and Haralabos Voulgaris
Grantland’s Zach Lowe and sports bettor Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris break down the shocking James Harden trade and what they expect from the NBA season.

B.S. Report: Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine visits the studio to talk with Bill about his days as a Celtic, the rift between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, and why no one talks to KG before games.

B.S. Report: Joe House, Part 1
It’s NBA over/unders podcast — the Eastern Conference!

B.S. Report: Joe House, Part 2
It’s part 2 of the NBA over/unders podcast — the Western Conference!

The Jalen Rose Report
Jalen Rose talks to David Jacoby about joining NBA Countdown, David Stern’s retirement, and what it’s like for athletes in a contract year.

The Best B.S.: Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine talks to Bill Simmons about Kevin Garnett and compares Rajon Rondo to Jason Kidd.

Video: The Jalen Rose Report
Jalen Rose reacts to the blockbuster James Harden trade and how it reminds him of his regrets from his career as a basketball player. Plus! David Jacoby clowns Jalen for wearing a fake Gucci shirt.

Video: Jalen and Bill on Shaq’s Potential
Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons discuss facing Shaquille O’Neal in the NBA Finals and how Shaq never reached his full potential as a player.

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