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Story Time With Jalen Rose: Jalen Steals Patrick Ewing’s TV

Not just any television, either — a television with a VCR attachment

Jalen Rose has no idea how interesting his stories are. When you hang with him, he’ll casually discuss the time Charles Oakley smacked Charles Barkley, how NBA players nap all the time, or what really happens in those lockout negotiation meetings. The thing is, he doesn’t do it in a name-droppy “isn’t my life great?” way at all — he just honestly doesn’t know how fascinating it is for the rest of us to hear what it’s like to guard Michael Jordan in a playoff series.

One week while Jalen and I were recording our podcast, he told a story about the time he stole Patrick Ewing’s television. I made a mental note. When I told Bill about the Ewing TV story, he said to me (read this part to yourself in “Bill Simmons voice”), “When we have a YouTube channel we have to do a show called Story Time With Jalen Rose.” I made another mental note. Months later when we finally shot Jalen telling the story, we could hardly keep our cameras steady from laughing through the whole shoot.

Once we had the raw footage, we needed the right people to provide the animation. So we reached out to the No Mas crew, of Doc Ellis & The LSD No-No fame, to provide animation. As you can see in the above, they gave the story life and left it dripping in No Mas sauce.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Story Time With Jalen Rose and check back every day for more from the Grantland Channel.

Special thanks: Jalen Rose, Patrick Ewing, Everyone Who Is Down Like Four Flat Tires, Carlos Sepulveda and Harlan Endelman, TVs With VCRs Attached, No Mas (‘sup Chris Isenberg? ‘sup James Blagden?), Bill Simmons, and, especially, Jalen’s getaway driver, Rizz.

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