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  • ‘B.S. Report’: Bill and House’s Top 20 ‘Boogie Nights’ Characters

    Bill Simmons and Joe House countdown their controversial top-20 ‘Boogie Nights’ character rankings.

  • Randy Wittman

    A Fan’s Notes: The Unmagical Washington Professional Basketball Team

    There are a number of incredible stories currently populating the sports pages here in the nation’s capital. Obviously and quite appropriately, the heroics of His Holiness the Black Jesus Robert Griffin III predominate. Not only does he seem to win an award or set a new Redskins or NFL rookie record every game he plays, […]

  • Clown E-mail, Bro: JackO and House on Yankees-Nats

    This weekend, the Yankees and Nationals did battle in Washington, D.C., in a three-game series. Whose correspondence on the duel would we most like to read? Frequent B.S. Report guests and friends of the Triangle John “JackO” O’Connell and Joe House, that’s who! We asked JackO and House to go back-and-forth about the series, the […]

  • Don’t Be the Washington Wizards

    Thoughts while recovering from the latest choking-dog hockey disappointment here in the nation’s capital …

  • Flip Saunders

    The State of the Washington Professional Basketball Team

    Mr. Unseld, Mr. Chenier, members of the Gheorghe Muresan Fan Club, distinguished Bullets-Feverists, and fellow hoops-masochists: The State of the Washington Professional Basketball Team is … weird. Weird even for a franchise that, over the past 30 days, inserted itself into the national sports consciousness with a highly effective combination of tone deafness and diabolically […]

  • The Ghost of Jim McIlvaine

    This is the first installment of a fairly regular check-in with the worst team in the National Basketball Association, and possibly life. The author may or may not be receiving compensation in the form of food. Vol. 1: Five Things the Washington Professional Basketball Team Can Do to Build on This Oh sweet relief. After […]

  • Stephen Strasburg

    Stephen Strasburg and Me (and the Rest of the Greater D.C. Area)

    It’s August in Washington, D.C., which typically means two things: It is stink-hot and the Redskins have not yet had a chance to underperform. This year, just like all the others, it’s stifling outside — I stink — and the Redskins haven’t named a starter at QB. (‘Tho, you know, what if Sexy Rexy Grossman […]