The Grantland Q&A: Errol Morris

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘Being Mr. Met’

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘The Streaker’

For more than 22 years, the eyes of the world have gazed upon Mark Roberts’s ass. Errol Morris’s third of six shorts for ESPN Films introduces us to the infamous streaker who has ran naked through the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

If the name of Mark Roberts doesn’t ring a bell, his body might. He is the British man who has been interrupting events for more than 22 years, in more than 22 countries, by running naked through the proceedings: the Olympics, rugby and soccer matches, a dog show, and, most famously, Super Bowl XXXVIII, when he sneaked onto the field dressed as a ref and ended up getting tackled by players from the Patriots and Panthers. Roberts sits down with Errol Morris to, ahem, reveal his secrets and motivation — “I just want to give people something to smile about.” And he’s not done. He says he would like to be buried in a see-through coffin so that he can streak his own funeral. 

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