The Trenches NFL Podcast and Video: Ephraim Salaam and Robert Mays

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Sometimes things are too coincidental — like the Trenches’ Grantland Channel debut happening in the three-day stretch when I look like I ate Mike Ditka. Seriously, though, the mustache is temporary, but insights like the one from Ephraim in this video aren’t. This week includes stories about the early days of Gary Kubiak’s time in Houston, Ephraim’s courting of free agent Ahman Green, and more J.J. Watt worship. In the seven weeks we’ve been doing the Trenches, we’ve had stories about the kitty that offensive linemen kick cash into after a screwup, watching 350-pound John Henderson get slapped in the face every week, Ephraim’s notable distaste for Albert Haynesworth, and more. The hope, as Ephraim says this week, was to shed some light onto what it was like to play in the league and to do it in a way that people may not have heard before. With this clip, in which Ephraim discusses his concerns about his long-term mental and physical health and his future with his 1-year-old son, I hope we’ve done that.

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Watch the Grantland Channel video, featuring Robert and Ephraim discussing player safety and long-term health, after the jump.

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