The Six Best Things About the Harrison Barnes Dunk (Because Five Is Not Enough)

1. David Lee’s unnecessary but appreciated post-fancy-pass spin away from the play.

2. The realization that Kevin Love’s return opens the door for both a T’Wolves whiteout and an all-bearded, zero-defense Minnesota frontcourt.

3. The suspicion that Andrew Bogut was a bit too inspired by Adrien Brody’s look in that Gillete ad.

4. Andris Biedrins. Everything about Andris Biedrins: that he’s the first one off the bench, that his celebration involves lifting one leg off the ground and a pelvic thrust, that there’s more joy in his towel-draped face than I’ve ever experienced.

5. The Barnes stare-down.

6. The chance to tell my Nikola Pekovic story. It goes like this. Apparently, last season, a group of reporters had gathered in the Minnesota locker room, and one inquired about the tattoo on Pekovic’s left arm — what looks to be a knight thrusting a large sword into a pile of skulls. Asked whom the tattoo was supposed to represent, Pekovic responded, “Oh, that’s just my friend.” It sure is.

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