Katie Baker Will Be Taking Your Questions Now

Jeff T. Green/Getty Images Mail

We get asked a lot of questions here at The Triangle. Questions about life. About love.* About the sanity of Chad Ochocinco. We would love to say that we are equipped to answer all these questions. Sadly, we are not. But we know someone who is …

Katie Baker.

Katie Baker doesn’t just know about sports. She also knows about banking. (Or the economy, maybe? Close enough.) She probably knows about other stuff, too. That’s why Katie will be helping out the Triangle (And you!) by answering questions in our soon-to-launch mailbag feature. Because she gets it … and we’re too socially awkward to tackle these questions ourselves.

If you have a question for Bake Shop, send it to Triangle@Grantland.com. We will try our best to help. Or at least Katie will.

*(OK not really about love.)

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