Josh, Will You Go To Prom With Alaina?

Hey, Josh. What’s up? Grantland here. Look, here’s the thing. Earlier this week, your girlfriend, Alaina, e-mailed us with a very simple request:

“I need YOU to post an article asking him to prom for me ASAP! Prom is May 12th. Can you do it Grantland?!?! Can you do it?! Please… it will be the invite of a lifetime.”

OMG, Alaina. OF COURSE we will do this. But only if you promise to send us prom pictures. Stand in the front yard, next to the azaleas.

Josh, consider this blog post your formal prom invite. Grantland was not aware that people who were currently dating actually needed to formally invite each other to prom, but whatever. You do you, as they say.

This is great. Does anyone else want to ask their significant others (OR SECRET CRUSHES) to prom? Do it in the comments!

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