2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The ACC

Week 12 College Football Viewing Guide: Heads on a Swivel

Grantland’s 2013-14 College Basketball Preview

Mark Titus and the rest of the Grantland crew on the upcoming madness

The Features

2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The ACC
By Mark Titus
Duke is hard to hate this year. We are through the looking glass, people.

2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Big 12
By Mark Titus
Kansas looks to win its 10th straight conference championship with Andrew Wiggins

2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Big Ten
By Mark Titus
So what if the Big Ten hasn’t won a championship since 2000? It’s still an elite conference. Really.

2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The SEC
By Mark Titus
Take this season off, Kentucky haters. The Wildcats have one of the most talented lineups in the history of college hoops

2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Pac-12
By Mark Titus
Late at night, Arizona’s Aaron Gordon will be dunking

2013-14 College Basketball Preview: The American Athletic Conference
By Mark Titus
Can Russ Smith, Luke Hancock, and the Louisville Cardinals win back-to-back national championships?

2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Big East
By Mark Titus
Why a walk-on may end up winning the Naismith this season

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