In Memoriam: The Tiny Knicks Table

New York Knicks

The Knicks recently announced the signing of Kevin Seraphin, the French big man formerly of the Washington Wizards. There is a picture, which you can see above, of the player, flanked by New York GM Steve Mills, signing his contract. Notably, the signing of papers took place on a table of apparently normal height, in a room that features a graphic of the top of the new World Trade building shrouded in clouds. I say “notably,” because, for the past few years, the Knicks have been somewhat infamous for having their new signees put pen to paper atop a tiny table. Scenes of extraordinarily large men — shoulders hunched, legs splayed open with knees drawn up to about their ears as they try to avoid injuring their hamstrings — signing papers down about their ankles have been almost all that Knicks fans have had to look forward to.

Here’s Lance Thomas signing his deal:


Here’s Louis Amundson looking like Gulliver:


Here’s Langston Galloway, probably throwing out his back for the sake of signing a binding agreement:


That all appears to be over now. The WTC room is a particularly nice touch. What’s better than having your players sit at a regular table? Putting the table in the sky.

So, rest in peace, tiny table and various other nontraditional signing surfaces.

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