Andrew Wiggins and Rudy Gobert Staged a French-Canadian War Last Night

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Just look at this.

Look at what Andrew Wiggins did to Rudy Gobert last night.

But wait — that was the warning shot.

That was nothing.

Look at what Andrew Wiggins did to Rudy Gobert last night.

Stuff like this starts fights in pickup games.

Look at the ball bounce off Gobert’s head.

Look at Wiggins flexing.

This was Alien vs. Predator 11 feet in the air.

This was Vine vs. Synergy live on League Pass.

It was the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object.

And the unstoppable force won.

I could watch this for hours.

Petition to cancel the entire baseball season and replace it with Andrew Wiggins trying to dunk on Rudy Gobert all summer.

This is all we could ever want from March NBA. The playoffs are coming soon, and we’re all checked out and exhausted. College basketball is taking center stage by necessity. All we need from the NBA during March is a couple of weird nights and highlights that could just as easily be hallucinations. Last night in Minneapolis was like fan fiction for those of us who have spent five months talking about this league.

I spent most of the night watching the Sixers-Lakers Tank Super Bowl, so I can only conclude that Andrew Wiggins spent the entire game dunking on Rudy Go—

Hold on. What?


Well, that’s it, then. Just look at this.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.44.03 AM

Then look back at this.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.45.59 AM

Cancel baseball season.

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