The Best of Grantland on Hulu

This week, the nice people at Hulu invited the staff of Grantland to program a chunk of their site. In case you missed it, here’s what happened …

  • On Tuesday, Molly Lambert excavated from the site’s archives five great, forgotten-ish classics, including alt-rock interview show Hard N Heavy, Abel Ferrara’s Fear City, British sitcom Black Books, and Faye Dunaway TV movie Beverly Hills Madam.
  • On Wednesday, Grantland EIC Bill Simmons remembered his favorite TV show of all time, The White Shadow.
  • Thursday, Andy Greenwald traced the evolution of NBC’s Thursday comediesThe Office, 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Recreation — from their pilots to their greatest episodes.
  • And today, Alex Pappademas selected the five movies on Hulu that you must watch immediately, including The Endless Summer, Game of Death, Straight to Hell Returns, Last Action Hero, and Confessions of a Superhero.