Marvel to Comic-Con: “Tell Me How My Avengers Poster Tastes”

Courtesy of Marvel Marvel's AVENGERS Poster

On Day One of the industry cluster-F that is Comic-Con, DC turned to the desperate housewife demographic for new readers while others simply attempted to turn back the clock. But alpha dog Marvel chose a different direction. Confirming its frontrunning status on the superhero leaderboard, the company chose to do nothing but release a poster for next summer’s The Avengers. A poster with a giant “A” on it (no Hester Prynne). And it was instantly hailed as the biggest news of the day. It was a power move straight out of The Game or a Shaquille O’Neal rap and we applaud Marvel both for its adamantium balls and its willingness to suggest that the “A” might stand for something slightly less heroic than “Avengers.”

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