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The 2012 Year-End Blowout

The best in sports, movies, TV, music and more


The 2012 Shootaround
By The Grantland Staff
The year in sports, 2012, told in GIFs and riffs.

Golden State of Mind
By Hua Hsu
The Giants, the Niners, the A’s, and yes, even the Warriors made the Bay Area our sports city of the year

2012: The Year of the Superteam
By Wesley Morris
The Heat, The Avengers, and the peculiar American love of the overdog

The Grantland Staff: Overrated or Underrated: 2012 in Sports
Katie Baker: The Year in Eli Manning
Hua Hsu: We Will Remember 2012 As the Year Data Reigned
Kirk Goldsberry: The Year in NBA Scoring Trends


The Year in Movies
By Zach Baron
How Hollywood bounced back from a miserable 2011

A Tom Cruise Christmas Carol
By Mark Lisanti
With apologies to Charles Dickens

The Grantland Staff: In Defense of the Occasionally — OK, Pretty Frequently — Indefensible Movies of 2012
Amos Barshad: McConaughey vs. Tatum 2012 — Who Had the Better Year?
Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: 2012 in Movies
Rembert Browne: The Top 11 Movie Trailer Songs of 2012


The 2012 TV Faceoffs
By The Grantland Staff
AMC’s prestige shows vs. Homeland, HBO’s Girls vs. Bravo’s Girls, and the Kardashians vs. other Kardashians in our year-end television reckonings

Andy Greenwald: The Plausibility Wars, Risk-Averse Networks, and More in the Year in TV
Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: 2012 in TV With Chuck Klosterman
YouTube Hall of Fame: The Year in Internet


Songs of the Year 2012
By The Grantland Staff
From Frank Ocean to Fiona Apple, the Grantland staff looks back on the most notable tracks of 2012

Steven Hyden: Taylor Swift, Usher, and 2012’s Pop Music Paradoxes
Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Talking About the Year in Music
United State of Pop: Q&A with DJ Earworm on his 2012 year-end mash-up
Emily Yoshida: K-Pop, EDM, and baby brosteps toward a more global pop landscape
Rembert Browne: The Year in 2 Chainz

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