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Introducing the 2014 Oscars Preview!

Chris Connelly and Wesley Morris break down all the Academy Awards’ major races. First up: Best Supporting Actor.

Readers of Mark Harris’s Academy Awards column have come to expect a degree of decorum, knowledge, and wisdom in assessing what Academy voters think and why. I can’t compete with Mark’s brilliance and perception. But one morning, Chris Connelly and I had a great time trying. We put on our thinking caps and occasionally removed them to get inside the mind of the average Academy voter. We discussed the nominees in the six major categories — picture, director, and the four acting prizes.

These videos are the result. Prepare to be delighted by the fearless analysis, flights of whimsy, adult disagreements, and off-color impersonations. For extra credibility, we asked Mark to ask us an important question for each category. And in the coming days, those videos will drop. The first is Best Supporting Actor, which might feature one of us wishing we could be around Bradley Cooper’s neck. Because one of us has his priorities straight.

—Wesley Morris

Illustration by Michael Weinstein

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