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Quest for Fire

Grantland on the 2013 NHL Playoffs

Our coverage of the breakout players, most heartbreaking losses, and biggest games of this year's Stanley Cup race


Put It Up to 11
By Katie Baker
Breaking down Chicago’s wild 6-5 OT Game 4 win over Boston — goal by goal.

Ageless Beauty
By Katie Baker
The remarkable work of 41-year-old Jaromir Jagr, who helped give the Boston Bruins a 2-1 series lead over the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday night.

Bruins Beat
By Katie Baker
How does Boston respond after a triple-overtime Game 1 loss to Chicago?

Stanley Cup Final Preview: Nothing Better
By Katie Baker
Bruins vs. Blackhawks! Rask vs. Crawford! Jagr’s weird playoff beard vs. … Toews’s weird playoff beard! The Chicago-Boston Stanley Cup final begins tonight.

Sean McIndoe: WTF, Leafs: How Do You Beat the Boston Bruins? (Or at Least Come Super-Close.)
Sean McIndoe: The 1-1 Stanley Cup Series: A Historical Analysis
Sean McIndoe: NHL Grab Bag: How Should We Call These Playoff Games?
Sean McIndoe: The 25 Stages of Playoff OT Hockey
Katie Baker: Chicago’s Lucky Night
Sean McIndoe: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Boston Bruins: Who Has the Best National Anthem Singer? (And Other Important Questions for the Stanley Cup Final)


Good Enough
By Katie Baker
Chicago takes a 3-1 series lead over the L.A. Kings in the Western Conference finals, while the Bruins look to sweep the Penguins in the East.

The Once and Future Kings?
By Katie Baker
Can the defending Stanley Cup champs come back against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals?

Pitt of Despair
By Charles P. Pierce
The Pittsburgh Penguins haven’t found an answer for the Boston Bruins, who lead the Eastern Conference finals 2-0.

The Big Break
By Katie Baker
How will a week off affect Boston and Pittsburgh? (And other big questions about the NHL conference finals.)

Sean McIndoe: How Disappointing Was Your Team’s NHL Playoff Run This Year?
Sean McIndoe: NHL Grab Bag: Should We Hate Sidney Crosby?
Sean McIndoe: A History of Hate: The Bruins-Penguins Rivalry
Sean McIndoe: What’s Wrong With the L.A. Kings? (And Can They Fix It?)


King Slayers
By Katie Baker
Can the San Jose Sharks topple the defending champs in Game 7?

By Katie Baker
Brad Richards, John Tortorella, and the agony of the healthy scratch.

Swing States
By Katie Baker
The Detroit Red Wings have taken the series lead against the Chicago Blackhawks. Can they keep this up?

Déjà Vu All Over Again
By Katie Baker
The 2013 Los Angeles Kings sure look like … the 2012 Los Angeles Kings.

A Hero or an A*$%@#!
By Katie Baker
The big questions and bold predictions for Round 2 of the NHL playoffs.

Sean McIndoe: NHL Grab Bag: This Press Conference Was Pretty Much Frost/Nixon, Except With Darryl Sutter
Bryan Curtis: We Went There: The Kings of L.A. Live
Katie Baker: We Went There: Chicago’s Roller-coaster Game 7
Sean McIndoe: NHL Playoffs Stock Watch
Sean McIndoe: NHL Grab Bag: The Many Faces of Bryan Murray
Sean McIndoe: Ten Great Moments From the NHL’s Least-Loved Playoff Round
Sean McIndoe: The 20 Types of Depressed Sports Fans


Le Magnifique?
By Katie Baker
Sidney Crosby helps lift the Pittsburgh Penguins, who could advance with a win Saturday.

Kings in the North
By Katie Baker
Ranking the best of the NHL playoffs’ opening games.

Sean McIndoe: NHL Grab Bag: Penner Want Food!
Sean McIndoe: Who Will Win in the Battle Between Ottawa’s Hopes and Dreams and Reality? (Spoiler: Reality.)
Charles P. Pierce: We Went There: The Capitals Fall
Sean McIndoe: Toronto’s Game 7 Gut Punch
Sean McIndoe: The Best and Worst of the First Round
Sean McIndoe: NHL Grab Bag: Ovechkin Unplugged
Sean McIndoe: We Went There: (Playoff) Hockey Nights in Canada
Bryan Curtis: We Went There: The Islanders Come Home


No Introductions Necessary
By Charles P. Pierce
The Capitals and the Rangers meet (again) for playoff hockey.

Katie Baker: Who Will Be the Kings This Year?
Katie Baker: Will Crosby Return to Face the Islanders?
Katie Baker: An All-Canada Series … Plus Caps-Rangers! (Again!)
Sean McIndoe: Know Your (Playoff-Bound!!!) Toronto Maple Leafs
Sean McIndoe: The Bandwagon Fan’s Guide to the NHL Playoffs
Sean McIndoe: 10 Veteran Players Looking for Their First Stanley Cup

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