The London Chronicles, Vol. 7: The Olympic Mega-Bag, Part 2

The London Chronicles, Vol. 7: The Olympic Mega-Bag, Part 1

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Grantland on the 2012 Summer Olympics

Team USA madness, profiles of the most fascinating athletes, and on-the-ground reporting from Bill Simmons

From the majesty of rhythmic gymnastics (seriously!) to our insanely attentive coverage of Team USA basketball, here’s Grantland’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics from London.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 7: The Olympic Mega-Bag
The Sports Guy wraps up his trip to London with actual letters from actual readers.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 6: The Mailbag That Wasn’t
We interrupt the Olympic Games to bring you this shift of NBA power, courtesy of Dwight Howard and the Lakers.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 5: Olympic Hoopalooza
The Sports Guy abandons his pre-Olympics pledge and reports on all four of Wednesday’s matchups.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 4: Great Britain Lives Up to Its Name
Everything, even the weather, fell into place during the greatest weekend in U.K. sports history.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 3: Swimming vs. Gymnastics
Every four years, two iconic sports attempt to captivate our lives — but which one has the edge?

The London Chronicles, Vol. 2: Handball! (Handball?) Handball!
When everything at the Olympics is a long walk away, you tend to find yourself sucked into whatever sport is next to you.

The London Chronicles, Vol. 1: The 10th Checkpoint
It’s a trip four decades in the making, but the Sports Guy finally finds himself at the Summer Olympics.

Destiny Is Ruthless
How do you explain the U.S. Women’s National Team and their gold-medal performance?

Faster, Higher, Snarkier
How the Olympics telecast makes us a nation of media critics.

The Rap Genius Olympics
How exactly are hip-hop and the Olympics related? Just take a look at Rap Genius.

The Most Ridiculous Medal Record in Olympic History
A look into the GDR’s remarkable feat in Olympic rowing.

Men’s Synchronized Swimming Is No Laughing Matter
Thirty years out from a Martin Short SNL skit, synchronized swimming deserves to be taken seriously.

The Nadeshiko Revolution
Japan’s women’s soccer team plays Tiki-Taka without the tedium.

No Legs Good, Two Legs Bad
Does Oscar Pistorius have an unfair advantage?

Mr. Marlowe, I Presume
The Californiacation of Olympics announcing.

Gravity’s Rainbow
On McKayla Maroney’s silver-medal vault performance.

The Fifth Grand Slam?
Andy Murray and the undeniable oddness of Olympic tennis.

Justin Gatlin Doesn’t Want a Hug
The 30-year-old sprinter does want to be loved, though, as he attempts an unlikely comeback.

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!
How the trampoline became an Olympic event.

Flipping the Switch
Usain Bolt and the ‘On-Off Switch’ sports theory.

You Should Be Watching Men’s Indoor Volleyball
And we’re so not kidding about this.

How to Boost Your Medal Count in Seven Easy Steps
On the economics of Olympic success.

The Anthem Olympics
Which national anthem deserves the gold medal?

Savile D’Oh!
Taking a look at the crimes against fashion in the first week of the Olympic games.

The Official, Comprehensive Olympic Glossary
A one-stop shop for all Olympic terms and jargon.

Blitzed by Glitter
A look at the dreaded Amanar vault and how it might be the key to a USA women’s gymnastics victory.

The Wide World
One fan shares how he picks his own Olympic team from this year’s crop.

You Should Really Be Watching Olympic Handball
It’s a combination of Americans’ favorite sports — really!

Why I Won’t Be Watching Olympic Boxing
A lifelong fight fan swears off the bouts at the Games.

A Case of Olympism
One Olympics addict unravels a lifelong obsession.

What If the 2012 Olympics Had Been in New York?
Exmaining the pipe dreams and real accomplishments of the city’s failed bid.

Long Run to Freedom
No country knows the extent of the IOC’s power better than South Africa.

Marathon Man
Long-distance Olympic swimmer Alex Meyer has an unusual capacity for tolerating pain — which is exactly why he’s one to watch in London.

Leap Year
There’s an uneasy tension among U.S. women’s hurdlers Lolo Jones, Dawn Harper, and Kellie Wells. But it’s not a fellow countrywoman they need to worry about.

Sparkle Motion
As it turns out, we kind of like rhythmic gymnastics. (Seriously!)

American Girls
Whom to watch in this year’s Summer Games.


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