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Football! Grantland Previews the 2012-13 NFL Season

The teams to watch, the story lines to follow, and the videos to get you ready for some football

It’s here, it’s finally here. The NFL is back. To gear up, Grantland is exhaustively previewing the 2012-13 season.

NFL Opening Night: The Cowboys Will Ruin Your Rug
Bill Simmons on dog poop and the first game of this year’s NFL season.

NFL Season Predictions: The Plausible and Implausible
Predictions for Rex Ryan, Michael Vick, Randy Moss, Joe Haden, and the Bears.

Introducing the BQBL Failure Machine (Also, Grantland’s BQBL Draft!)
The return of Grantland’s Bad Quarterback League, a draft email exchange, and the new BQBL Failure Machine.

B.S. Report: Mike Lombardi
The return of the NFL season means the return of Mike Lombardi to the B.S. Report to talk all things football.

The Bottom of the Barrel
Anyone can pick the contenders, so which teams will be battling for the no. 1 draft pick?

The Inaugural NFL Trade Value Rankings, Part 1
Bill Simmons joins Bill Barnwell to rank the NFL’s most valuable assets, no. 50-38.

The Inaugural NFL Trade Value Rankings, Part 2
Bill Simmons joins Bill Barnwell to rank the NFL’s most valuable assets, no. 37-1.

B.S. Report: Bill and Cousin Sal on the NFC Over/Unders
Here’s Part 1 of the annual football over/under pod with Cousin Sal!

B.S. Report: Bill and Cousin Sal on the AFC Over/Unders
Here’s Part 2 of the annual football over/under pod with Cousin Sal!

Fixing Football
Chuck Klosterman offers three (kind of ridiculous) rule changes for our greatest American game.

Avoiding Football’s Poison Pen
The 10 types of NFL contracts that will absolutely haunt your franchise.

The Fantasy Shrink Is In
The rules and logic you need to win a game fueled by luck and randomness.

B.S. Report: Matthew Berry
For the sixth straight year, Bill Simmons and Matthew Berry bust out their NFL fantasy preview pod. A must-listen for any serious fantasy football player.

The NFL’s Technology Cornucopia
Get ready for an explosion of information that will change how we interpret and understand professional football.

The Total Package
How modern offenses are rethinking the most fundamental elements of football “plays.”

Why pass protection might be the New York Jets’ biggest problem.

The NFL’s Cloudy Crystal Ball
Here are the four new-school football stats that attempt to predict the 2012 season.

The Woman Who Would Save Football
Dr. Ann McKee has been accused of trying to kill the sport she loves, but she may be its only hope.

Mere Mortals
What we learned by comparing the mortality rates of baseball players and their NFL counterparts.

Time in the Sun
Spending a (really, really hot) day at Patriots training camp.

The Tight End Revolution Will Be Televised
Has football truly changed, or are performances like those of Rob Gronkowski just a fluke?

Broncos Busted
Even with the addition of Peyton Manning, Denver’s Super Bowl dream is dead.

The Evolution of the Hybrid Defender
Call them what you will — cornerbacks, safeties, linebackers — today’s defensive players are a bit of everything.

Buc-ing the System
Don’t count out Tampa Bay; they have nowhere to go but up.

A Dolphin Tale
If management can stay out of its own way, Miami has a shot at making some noise this season.

The Case for an Improved San Francisco 49ers Offense in 2012
The reasons for being optimistic about the upcoming Niners season.

The Niners Won’t Strike Gold in 2012
San Francisco is coming off a 13-win season, but don’t think that will happen again.

The Over/Unders: Player by Player
Let’s break down a few of the tasty offshore bets being offered up for the upcoming NFL season.

The Over/Unders: Team by Team
It’s that time of year again, when Bill Barnwell puts his money where his preseason mouth is.

Climbing Out of the NFL Abyss
How does every football season wind up with several previously terrible teams in the playoffs?

Fantasy Insomnia!
It’s time to forget everything you’ve ever read about finding a sleeper for your fantasy team.

Gang Green Forecast
It’s time to look at the numbers and ask the question: Will the Jets be good this year?

Who Is the Best Running Back in Football?
Most years there’s a clear-cut titleholder, but this season it’s up for grabs.

Odds Are, You’re Ready for Some Football
A look at Vegas’s Super Bowl XLVII contenders, and a touch of NCAA fun for good measure.

Playing Tag
It’s time to break down the six groups of franchise players in the NFL and determine who fits where.

Look Before You Leap
Why it’s dumb to anoint a team ready for the Super Bowl. Plus, breaking down the NFL’s Top 100 Players list.

The NFL’s Holy Grail
Are you ready for a total information overload? Plus, breaking down the sources of offseason news.

The Top Battles to Be QB1
Which starting quarterback jobs are up for grabs? Plus, determining which offseason news actually matters.

The Rookie Yardstick
Bill Barnwell introduces a new approach to measuring the success (and failure) of the picks.

Solving the NFL’s Kickoff Problem
Advantages and disadvantages of replacing kickoffs and the onside kick.


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