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    Norm Macdonald’s Keeping Resolutions, Vol. 3: All-In

    “San Francisco. Baltimore. San Francisco. Baltimore. San Francisco. Baltimore.” “What are you doing?” says Adam Eget. “I’m thinking out loud. What do you think?” “But you’ve said the same thing for the last hour.” “I’m overthinking out loud.” “Who do you like in the Super Bowl?” “What?” “You got a good feeling?” I want to […]

  • Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

    Norm Macdonald on the Return of the Tiger and Rory Show

    After a month of golf, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are tied. For dead last. Not that you’d know, unless you were watching golf. They’ve already been paid $4 million between them. Not winnings, appearance fees. Somebody smart once said 80 percent of success is just showing up. Here it’s 100 percent. You know you’re […]

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    Norm Macdonald’s Keeping Resolutions Vol. 2: Dude Looks Like a Lady

    Gabe’s still in Vegas and I’m here at the back of the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. Adam Eget is hovering around me, his tremulous right hand running through hair four days unshowered, his left hand steadying itself on my shoulder, his rheumy eyes looking somewhere at my shirt. There’s a guy up […]

  • Summit Series

    The Back of the Book: The Return of the NHL and Memories of the 1972 Summit Series

    The end of the hockey lockout couldn’t have come soon enough for our friend Norm Macdonald. Here’s his take, along with a retooling of his thoughts on the 1972 Summit Series, which ran in a slightly different form as a collection of tweets on his Twitter feed back in September of 2012. “Our long national […]

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    Norm Macdonald’s Keeping Resolutions, Vol. 1: A Plan in the Desert

    I like to gamble. Gamble money on sports. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or frequent, or even occasion, prostitutes. But I do like to gamble. Gamble money on sports. I’m not alone, of course. People who like to use big numbers say that sports betting is a multibillion-dollar business in these United States. And […]

  • Rory McIlroy

    Norm Macdonald’s 2013 PGA Year in Preview

    Norm Macdonald made two big New Year’s resolutions. One was to start writing pieces for Grantland. The other is going to be revealed on Friday in his second piece for us. Today, he shares his thoughts on the 2013 PGA season. 2012, the golden year of golf, began with Phil. Lefty beat Tiger by nine […]