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    BCS Hangover Day: Tuesday Mourning in New Orleans

    There were puddles on the ground in New Orleans on Tuesday morning and the clouds were hanging low. It must have rained at some point late in the night, sometime after Alabama’s 21-0 win over LSU in the BCS Championship game. I had spent the night battling toward sleep against a constant loop of “Sweet […]

  • Why Arkansas’ Cotton Bowl Win Lacked Magic

    I’ll be honest: when Collin Klein got the ball with three minutes left, down 13 in Friday night’s Cotton Bowl, I thought I was going to see some magic. And why shouldn’t I have? The whole bowl season — from Louisiana-Lafayette’s last-minute victory over San Diego State all the way to the present — has […]

  • Did Oregon Just Join The Establishment?

    Dear Oregon, Whether you realize it or not, the gimmick’s dead. Oh sure, you’ll keep it up. You’ll run onto the field in your oblong stadium clad in some new, flashy fabric. You’ll keep building up facilities that make your athletic department look like a wooded Dubai. You’ll keep touting your corporate-funded, anti-tradition philosophy. But […]

  • Reconsider The Hat: On Saban and Miles

    Though he’s not without his detractors, college football has finally begun to come around on Les Miles—“Les Miles’ Journey from Lucky Loser to Legendary,” went a telling headline on Bleacher Report. And while a victory this week against SEC rival Alabama and former LSU head coach Nick Saban might do wonders for Miles’ cachet, it’s […]