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  • How Would a Weather-Related Change of Super Bowl Date Affect Ticket Prices?

    In the week after the NFL conference championship games, ticket prices for Super Bowl XLVIII dropped 20 percent — an unprecedented decline. This was weather panic. As the snow piled up in New York, prices dropped.

  • A's fans

    How the Oakland A’s are Changing the Postseason Ticket-Buying Game

    While the majority of the Bay Area stock chatter is about Twitter, there was an initial offering last week that was equally intriguing: Oakland Athletics tickets. Yes, tickets. Tickets to any event, especially postseason events, are essentially an IPO, with the price set by the team and the market bidding prices up or down based […]

  • Miami

    Bring on the Bobbleheads: The Future of Variable Ticket Pricing in the NFL

    The NFL has long been the bastion of price stability, keeping ticket prices firm while other leagues scramble to fill seats via discounts, bobbleheads, package deals, and most recently, variable or dynamic pricing. Variable pricing allows for a tiered structure in which games are slotted into demand buckets of low, high, medium, etc. Dynamic pricing […]

  • Mets Yankees

    Why Is Interleague Play Having an Attendance Slump?

    Major League Baseball interleague play turns 17 this year, and like any 17-year-old, things are getting awkward. What was once a sure draw at the box office is now anything but, and prices for rivalry week, which began Monday, are at a four-year low, as measured by listing data tracked across the secondary market. Beyond […]