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  • Michael Crabtree

    Super Bowls Are Getting Closer, and That’s a Good Thing

    For those of us who grew up with the lopsided Super Bowls of the 1980s, it seems as if we’ve had an unusual run. The past few years of Super Bowls have stayed tight, the result in doubt until the very end. It’s almost miraculous we haven’t had one go to overtime yet, though there have […]

  • Roger Clemens

    The Roger Clemens Fiasco: What the Hell Just Happened?

    The Baseball Crank explains the mistrial in three easy steps.

  • Frank Thomas

    Designated Hitters and the Economics of Baseball

    Baseball is a game of traditions. It comes as no surprise, then, that nearly four decades after it was adopted, the game and its fans still have not fully embraced the Designated Hitter rule. Most of us can recite in our sleep the traditionalist arguments against the DH — it creates halfway players, it reduces […]