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  • Packers Fans

    What Do You Mean, ‘We?’

    The most overused term in sports.

  • TBD

    The Return of the Jets

    For one night, Winnipeg was the happiest town on earth.

  • Boston, the Red Sox, and Anonymous Sources

    Grantland’s favorite Canadians, Jonah Keri and Chris Jones, return to The Triangle to discuss the Boston Red Sox. More specifically, Keri and Jones discuss the Boston Globe’s bombshell story on the club. Over e-mail, they debated anonymous sources, journalism, and Boston baseball. Take it away, Canadians … Jonah Keri Mr. Jones, So it seems we […]

  • Grimson

    The Survivor

    Stu Grimson and the rash of hockey-enforcer suicides.

  • Gatti

    The Odd Death of Arturo Gatti

    Debating murder versus suicide and the emotional life of a modern boxer.

  • Barry Zito

    The End and Barry Zito

    (Another) DL stint has sparked whispers the Giants might release their $126 million lefty. How the hell did we get here?

  • Barry Zito

    In Which Two Canadians Fight About a Sport That is Not Hockey

    “I am a man of deep feeling, and when I see people do beautiful things, I feel it in my chest. Barry Zito’s curveball was one of those beautiful things.”

  • Amir Khan

    The Art of the Body Shot

    Amir Khan and the most beautiful knockout in fighting.

  • Bartolo Colon

    The End?

    Whatever magic has sustained Bartolo Colon seems to have evaporated.

  • Senna

    A Man of God

    The sports documentary of the year and strange death of racing legend Ayrton Senna.

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