‘The Grantland NFL Podcast’: 2015 Season Preview Live From Brooklyn


The Grantland NFL Podcast took its live bow on Tuesday in Brooklyn. Robert Mays and I made our way out to the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg to talk about all things NFL two days before the start of the 2015 season. Bizarrely, so did about 350 of you. In a bit of fan service, with the “fan” in this case being Robert Mays, we hit the stage to Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstacy of Gold” and spent an hour talking about things tangentially related to professional football.

We ran through five segments. First, there were some images that detailed what has happened over the summer and where we are as we enter the 2015 season. They may have been touched up by image editing software. Next, we went through some Mad Libs detailing fantastical stories of what might happen to fill in some shocking headlines of the season to come. We followed that up by looking into the past to rank several legendary postgame interviews. Mays and I finished up by revealing our season predictions and taking some questions from Twitter.

IMG_1647Jordan Schulkin

We were joined by two wonderful guests. Comedian Josh Gondelman took up the Patriots side of things in front of a surprisingly Brady-friendly crowd. You can pre-order his book You Blew It! here. And Mina Kimes of ESPN The Magazine was nice enough to stop by on her freaking birthday to talk football; you can follow her on Twitter here. And thanks to his efforts and the fact that he paid $5 to come to the live show, this guy can now follow me on Twitter:

IMG_1637Jordan Schulkin

Mays and I were both really happy with how the show turned out. We’re sorry if you couldn’t get in; I was expecting about 50 people to show up, but tickets somehow sold out in a little over 24 hours. Next time, we’ll head to a larger venue. Thanks so much to the Knitting Factory for hosting us, to SeatGeek for sponsoring the show, and to the Grantland crew for their incredible production work. You can listen to the audio recording of the podcast here.

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