121 (or So) Things to Love During the NHL Playoffs

Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images Reilly Smith

Have you been following hockey this year? It’s cool! No worries. Everyone’s busy. I totally get that. To help you catch up, here’s a short but incomplete list of a few things to watch during the NHL postseason, which starts today. In no particular order:

  1. Gustav Nyquist
  2. Tomas Tatar
  3. Tomas Tatar’s eviction notice
  4. Mike Babcock’s sad face
  5. Mike Babcock’s happy face
  6. (The joke is that they are the same face, you see.)
  7. Jimmy Howard
  8. The Magic Man
  9. The resiliency of Detroit
  10. Hey, did you know it’s Detroit Week here?
  11. Brendan Smith
  12. Brendan Smith’s brother, Reilly Smith
  13. Brendan and Reilly Smith’s mom and dad
  14. Patrice Bergeron
  15. Zdeno Chara
  16. Tuukka Rask
  17. Bro’ing out at Harvard Square
  18. Rene Rancourt
  19. Tommy Wingoals
  20. Tomas Hertl
  21. “I not much like L.A. this season.”
  22. Sharkie
  23. Tomas Hertl + Sharkie
  24. Being adorable
  25. Being from Wisconsin
  26. Minions
  27. Wookiees
  28. Pirates
  29. #HartnellDown
  30. The best player in the world
  31. The other best player in the world
  32. James Neal’s wrist shot
  33. James Neal’s hair
  34. Evgeni Malkin’s Instagram account
  35. Kris Letang
  36. Dan Bylsma
  37. Marc-Andre Fleury
  38. Marc-Andre Fleury’s confidence
  39. The St. Louis Blues’ power-play dance
  40. The Ambassador of Fun
  41. T.J. Oshie
  42. T.J. Oshie’s super-cute baby
  43. Alex Steen
  44. David Backes
  45. Animals that David Backes can adopt
  46. Ryan Miller
  47. Ways in which Curtis Joseph can influence our lives
  48. The physical health of the St. Louis Blues
  49. The emotional health of the St. Louis Blues
  50. Oh fine whatever just watch the St. Louis Cardinals
  51. Seriously I don’t even want to talk about it
  52. Patrick Roy
  53. Patrick Roy’s seething rage
  54. For real is Patrick Roy hulking out yet because I’d like a heads-up on this one
  55. Nathan MacKinnon
  56. #WhyNotUs
  57. Matt Duchene’s knee
  58. Tyler Seguin’s “go expletive yourself” world tour
  59. But probably also Tyler Seguin’s hotel room at 2 a.m.
  60. Jamie Benn
  61. Peskiness
  62. Grit
  63. Heart
  64. Intangibles
  65. Mimico
  66. Carey Price
  67. P.K. Subban
  68. Speaking French
  69. Being Canada’s team
  70. JK that’s not a thing
  71. #LUMBUS
  73. Patrick Sharp
  74. Madelyn Sharp
  75. My Little Blackhawk
  76. Jonathan Toews
  77. Patrick Kane
  79. Duncan Keith
  80. Brent Seabrook’s pep talks
  81. Brent Seabrook’s hair
  82. A lot of hair on this list already, is that weird?
  83. Going high glove side
  84. Dustin Brown
  85. The entire Brown family, if we’re being real
  86. Jonathan Quick
  87. Missing Ben Scrivens
  88. JEFF. CARTER. (And, by extension, @theRoyalHalf)
  89. Professional athlete and Olympic gold-medalist Drew Doughty
  90. Mixing up the L.A. Kings and Sacramento Kings logos
  91. TEEMU.
  93. Some other dudes who play for the Anaheim Ducks, I guess
  94. TEEMU.
  95. TEEMU.
  96. TEEMU.
  97. Bryz
  98. Josh Harding
  99. Being brave
  100. Ryan Suter
  101. Zach Parise
  102. That little kid who loves Charlie Coyle
  103. Jon Cooper (!!!!!)
  104. Steve Yzerman
  105. Ben Bishop
  106. Ryan Callahan
  107. Steven Stamkos
  108. Recovering from horrific injuries
  109. Not Martin St. Louis
  110. OK fine Martin St. Louis because the Rangers made it too
  111. John McEnroe’s bandmate
  112. NBC’s dreams coming true
  113. Don Cherry
  114. Tim Thompson’s YouTube page
  115. Fancy stats
  116. Hockey Twitter
  117. NHL Ties
  118. Extra Skater
  119. Organist Alert
  120. Doc Emrick’s synonym game
  121. Having fun out there


What did I forget? Oh, yeah. This bro.

Happy playoffs, guys.

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