Everyone Should Watch Jerry Stackhouse Discuss His NBA Fighting Career

If you’re an NBA fan, there are a number of great stories you should keep bookmarked at all times, just in case you ever need a reminder that the league is amazing. One example is this New York Daily News article about Kenny Anderson’s divorce during the lockout. Another is “Source: Hill pays Oakley gambling debt.” And then there’s this surreal Esquire feature in which LeBron and Maverick Carter talk about branding for 5,000 words. Or this ESPN: The Magazine cover and New York Magazine story that came a few years later. Or Bill Walton sitting alone and drinking Wild Turkey all night in Larry Bird’s kitchen.

Anyway, at some point we’ll compile a more complete list, but in the meantime just know that this video of Jerry Stackhouse is 100 percent included in that category.


• Stack remembering a postgame showdown in an arena tunnel with Kirk Snyder.

• A year later, Snyder thanking Stackhouse for the beating.

• Stackhouse giving Christian Laettner a black eye and then, “the next day we were right back together … frying shrimp and cooking salad.”

• “In any of these situations, I don’t think I started any of ’em, man.”

• An alternate reality in which Tyler Hansbrough told Jerry Stackhouse to get in the weight room and Jerry Stackhouse ended Tyler Hansbrough’s life.

And so much more. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard. The NBA is amazing. Jerry Stackhouse is amazing.

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